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Meet the face
behind the posts

Hey there! I'm Tanisha- a writer, entrepreneur, coach and photographer with a strong passion for helping others. 

My focus is simple: live a creative and joyful life while helping others to do the same. This site was created as a way to share what I'm learning about designing a life I love so that others can join me on the journey.

My professional background was in claims auditing for educational grants and then as a claims analyst in the transportation industry. I've successfully run several small businesses and now I want to help other women and moms to do the same.

My goal is to help women have healthy money-mindsets, live in abundance, and lead happy lives through my books, blog posts, podcast, and more. 


 By creating good habits and systems, thinking positively, and pursuing dreams without fear, I believe we can create vibrant lives we love to live!


Let's do this together!

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