I've been through abuse, divorce, poverty, and even a period of homelessness. But I learned the power of confidence and how to really manifest the life you want (hint- it's not just believing and visualization) and have created a life I love and you can too! I know am an entrepreneur, married to an amazing person, and live life with joy and excitement.


This ebook details everything that I did to heal from trauma, re-learn to love myself, grow my confidence, and get on the path toward creating the life I dreamed of.


Confidence is really about trusting yourself at its core. So if you've lost your confidence over the years, or even if you never had it, there are proven techniques that can help you build it and become the highest version of yourself.


This ebook discusses what confidence is, how we can reprogram our minds to think like confident people, how to overcome the devastation of trauma and learn to love and trust yourself, and more.


If you are like me and want to design a life you love instead of living by default, then this ebook is for you. In order to make dreams come true, you have to believe in yourself and believe that it's completely possible. You have know, deeply, that you are worthy of the life and love you desire.


The exercises in this book will get you there.


Getting Your Confidence Back!

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