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What do you love?

There are some things I believe deeply in.

The power of art to help people heal and be vulnerable


Caring for those in need

Helping children to feel safe, secure, and free

Fighting oppression, poverty, and injustice everywhere

I believe in the above things. I believe they are extremely important and necessary.

However, none of them holds the central position in my life. What I want to be able to wholeheartedly say is that I am fully driven by love. I want to be able to say that my life is characterized by love. It’s what fuels me. Nothing is as important as that.

I can’t always say that I remember that though. Sometimes what’s fueling my giving or serving or activism isn’t my love but rather my disgust of the oppressor or my empathy for the victims or even my fear of being in their place. I forget why I do what I do. I forget what gives me the ability to create art, write about oppression, feed the hungry, commune with the lonely, etc. I’ve often said that the revolution will come in love or it will not come at all.

The fact that I’ve been so loved has taught be so much about loving others. If it hadn’t been for the way that others love me, knowing how to love would be so much more difficult. If people in my life hadn’t given so much to me, then it would be harder for me to know how to be generous. Seeing people stand up for justice on behalf of others has taught me how important it is to stand for the protection and justice of my friends, family, and community.

Our work, really our very lives, should always be about wanting to love more.

We show our love by being with others, by giving to the poor, by caring for our neighbors, by visiting the lonely and the prisoner and the sick. Our pursuit of pure love will spill over into everything we do.

If you find that you have been allowing other things to become your first passion then come back to that center.

Live and love wholeheartedly.


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