Thoughts for my younger self and to my children. Part 1

Your job doesn’t define who you are but I hope you always get to do work you love. Art is that thing that helps you express yourself, make an impact in the world, and create beauty.  It’s that thing you are passionate about. That thing you can’t NOT do. But it’s still work. However, doing that kind of work is worth time you can never get back.

Little me.

Being beautiful is not about makeup and clothing. It’s not about how much you impress others. Beauty comes from love. People who love wholeheartedly and sacrificially are some of the most beautiful people in the world.

Crying is ok. Actually, crying is good for you. Some people believe crying is a sign of weakness but being open with your emotions instead of hiding them below the surface is strong, brave, and liberating.

Create a peaceful and joyful space. Do things you love and that bring you happiness. Fill your life and home with things you love. Rest, take care of yourself, read…all that. But at the end of the day, remember: Joy and peace are found in deeper things like community, family, love, and God.

I believe in self-care but none of that other stuff will bring you the kind of peace and joy that endure through deep grief and tragic seasons. None of those things can carry you through soul-shaking pain. In love is true peace and fullness of joy. Those other things are simply symbols, reminders, small tastes of what is ours in Him.

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