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Showing up even on hard days

I recently recorded a pretty vulnerable podcast where I talk about some painful things that are going on in my life.

Really, I didn't feel like recording at all. I wanted to just sit on my couch and feel sad.

And I did give myself some time for that. I had a class that morning and then I sat on the couch for a little bit just being down and feeling my feelings.

But you can't stay stuck in those emotions for too long. It really isn't good for you. So I decided to record a podcast and just be real with you all. I didn't really feel like going up to my office to record on my mic. I wasn't in the mood to outline a podcast about productivity or business. I just wanted to show up and be myself.

So I picked up my phone and recorded Ep. 12 on my voice memo app and uploaded it directly sans my intro and outro music.

It wasn't as polished as usual but it was real and it was me. I was proud of myself for at least showing up that day.

You know what people really want on the internet? Connection. We want to see real people with real problems and feelings. We want to be able to relate and see ourselves in them.

I think it's important for you to remember that as you create content online whether that's an ebook, a video, a podcast, or a post- just be yourself. Be authentic. We think we need to be perfect in order to attract followers, clients, or customers but we really don't. We just need to be true to who we are.

Think about the people you enjoy following the most- the ones that feel like friends almost. For me, those are the people who share real struggles, bad and good days, wins and losses, and so on.

So I challenge you to find the courage to share the real you today. You might be surprised at the feedback you get.

Click here to listen to Episode 12- Just Show Up! Having a bad day but showing up anyway.


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