Planting Seeds

While walking with my husband the other day I noticed that they're reseeding the grass in one of my favorite parks right now. Because of that, they're running the sprinklers all day, every day for a while. They know that lots of water and sunlight are crucial for these seeds to have enough energy to sprout and grow.

It made me think- what new seeds am I planting this season?

I don't mean literal seeds. A seed can be anything you are consciously creating in your life- a relationship, an idea, your creativity, your spiritual growth, a philosophy, a goal, a dream, a habit…..

How are you nurturing that seed? What are you feeding it? Are you giving it the space and environment it needs in order to thrive?

Are you giving it the time and attention it needs?

No seed can grow in the darkness and without the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Let's say you have a dream. Ask yourself, what does a dream need to grow? Faith. Effort. Creativity.

What does a relationship need? Patience. Attention. Love.

Remember that everything you need to bring this seed to life is already within you.

If you have the seed to plant, aka- the desire for the thing, then you are already equipped with whatever you need

These seeds are potential realities. They were put there on purpose and you were given the creative energy to make them happen. You have all the possibility and power within. You are ready enough.

You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to make this happen. It starts with acceptance that this is your purpose and within your power. That it’s possible and within you.

Then you act on faith. You trust that God is there with you and you move.

Try to release the doubt that may come up. You may also experience fear but don’t take that as a sign that you are supposed to give up. It may be that what you are interpreting as fear is really your soul’s excitement because it knows how important it is that you follow this mission.

Finally, don't let your seeds die with you. Don't get to the end of your life with all of that potential still within. It was given to you to plant. That is your soul's mission. If you don't share that seed with the world, then you will die with regrets.


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