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Living in Alignment Exercise

We all have life values- those characteristics in life that are important to us and cause us to feel fulfilled, in-tune, and happy. When these values are missing, we often feel dissatisfied and restless.

However we don’t usually take the time to really identify these values and measure how our lives are currently lining up with them. But not doing this means that we are living life in an aimless way.

Most major companies spell out what their purpose is as well as their company’s core values. This gives them a direction. How much more should we be doing that in our lives?

Below, I’ve listed some potential core values for you to choose from. For this exercise you simply go through the list and choose your top 10. Then rate them on a scale from 1 to 10 depending on how much you are living into that value.

So if you feel that personal freedom is a top value and you can look at your life and say that you have freedom financially, with your time, and to be yourself in your relationships, then you may rate that high. However, if you are stuck in a job you hate or your partner is controlling and you feel trapped, then you would give that aspect a low score.

Keep in mind that rating these life aspects should be done with total honesty. No one needs to see this but you, so don’t let shame or guilt get in your way with confronting the truth. The goal is to identify areas where you can make plans and take actions to raise your low scores so that you can live in total alignment and be happier.

Life Characteristics (Choose top ten. Feel free to add your own to this list.)

Self Care


Financial Security

Business/Career Success

Happy Romantic Relationship

Solid Friendships




Aesthetic Beauty

Ecological Responsibility/Sustainability

Generosity towards others

Living Authentically






Now to give you a personal example- Health/Fitness is on my top 10 list. Right now, I give this value a 7 because I stay active and work-out several times a week. However, I’m not ready to give it a 10 because there are still areas in my diet I’d like to improve. I also want to get more consistent with taking daily supplements. So those are some areas in my life that still need work.

Have fun with this exercise and let it motivate you to keep striving for greater joy and personal alignment with your values and purpose.


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