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How I found what makes me happy

What makes you happy?

For me it's when I'm doing what I love and feeling free. I've always been the type of person that needed freedom in order to create and do what I know I'm meant to do which is to write and help others on their journey through life.

But I've realized that I can't create from a place of depletion. I have to fill myself up before I can pour into others. I have to wake up and choose to love myself th

at day and also to do what I love that day in order to truly feel happy. Once I've done that, I'm much more able to give to others and to feel my best self.

For a while, I let what I loved go to the side. I tried to take care of everyone else and began to neglect my own needs and passions. I thought this was the way to love.

Now I think I understand that living that way is a sure path to becoming burnt out. I ended up emotionally and physically exhausted. I couldn't create anything and stopped doing what I was here to do.

So now, I make time each day for things that fill me up like moving my body, writing, listening to music, reading good books about subjects that interest me, and resting.

And that leaves me with so much more energy to love my family and care for them, to write and create things that will help others, to work on my business, and more.

I created a video recently on the 7 habits of happy people. If you watch it, I hope you will find something there that you can begin to do today in order to live you life happy on your own terms.

With love. ❤️


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