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Goals for the last half of 2021

Do you have some goals or dreams in mind for 2021? Did you start the year off with big ideas of all the things you'd like to accomplish?

"I'm going to finally get in shape and be healthier!"

"I'm going to start that business!"

"I'm going to travel!"

"This year I want to follow my dreams of _____"

And now here it is July and you haven't done those things yet. Maybe you haven't even STARTED working toward them yet.

Listen to me, I know you may feel discouraged and have this idea that it's too late to do what you said you would do this year. But you still have 6 months! Do you know what can happen and how much things can change in 6 months?!

You'd be surprised!

You could not only start a business in 6 months but you could make a profit and even out-perform your current or previous salary.

You could meet someone and even get engaged in 6 months! (Ask me how I know!)

You could get into a regular workout routine, lose fat, build muscle, and feel SO much better and stronger in 6 months!

You have to start with believing that these things are possible for you. They are. Know that you are worthy and capable and deserve to thrive.

Then decide WHY you want those things and make that why big enough to keep you pushing and open even when it gets hard or seems like it's failing.

Once you believe and have your why in place it's simply a matter of putting a plan in place. Get specific and break down your goal into actionable steps.

Maybe you still have some things you need to learn. That's cool. Write down your steps and put a little star wherever you feel you need more knowledge. Then seek out the knowledge by hiring a coach, buying a course or book, talking to others who have done what you want to do, etc... But don't use that knowledge gap as an excuse for not going after your dreams.

I want to see you succeed. I want to see you believing in yourself and thriving.

Sending you love! 💕


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